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'87 Hurricane Record with Casella Barograph

This modern barograph by old established UK company, Casella Ltd, circa 1980. The barograph comes with a most interesting and detailed chart record for the week of the great storm in October 1987. The workings of this instrument are a most interesting advanced configuration from the traditional lever system between the diaphgram and pen arm and surely appeal to those who are looking for an accurate recording instrument encompassing a new and innovative design. The clockwork movement and drum take standard charts and a selection will be included along with a fresh bottle of recording ink. The case looks to be finished in polished mahogany with bevelled glass to the lift-off lid and the chart drawer to the base contains a copy of the original instruction manual.

For TV buffs this is the same make and style of barograph which sits on the mantlepiece in Doc Martin's consulting room in the later episodes of the well-loved TV series.

370mm wide x 230mm high x 235mm deep. 

'87 Hurricane Record with Casella Barograph

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