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A&NCS  barograph with 30 year weather record

A most interesting barograph in a polished mahogany case with a mirror backing reflecting the barograph movement. Nicely cleaned and restored, the instrument has bevelled glass to the front, top and sides, with a chart drawer to the base. The barograph was likely made by Short & Mason and signed and sold by A & N C S (Army and Navy Co-operative Stores), retailers at their flagship Westminster store. The barograph comes with a unique record of the weather in Andover and later, Collingbourne Kingston, Marlborough, for over thirty years. Of special interest are the records of  the cold winter of 1962/1963, showing the coldest day on the 24th January 1963 when the temperature dropped to 6.0'F ( -14.4'C) and only reached 22.0'F ( -5.6'C) during the day. The somewhat phlegmatic  remark in the adjacent column simply says the day was 'Dull and Cold'! I recall that particular day very well as I checked my own screen thermometer reading 10'F ( -12.2'C) at 8.0am before heading off on my bike to school. (I kept my own weather records in Weston-super-Mare for a number of years around that time).

A quantity of weekly charts is included together with

 a fresh bottle of special blue recording ink and a reprinted

 1930s pamphlet by Negretti & Zambra describing operating

 instructions and how to interpret typical chart recordings.

365mm wide x 225mm deep x 227mm high.

A&NCS barograph with 30 year weather record

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