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American Art Deco Stomoguide Barometer
This is an American Art Deco barometer, circa 1935, in fabulous working condition. Made by Taylor Instruments of Rochester, New York (an associate company of Short & Mason on the UK), this instrument has a unique red ‘flag’ arrangement to determine a rising or falling barometric pressure, with the copyright of 1927 shown on the lower portion of the square dial. This clever mechanism eliminates the need for a set hand. The silver etched dial contains 18 weather indications for rising/steady/falling pressure. On the back are simple instructions on how to rotate the disc to the height of the instrument to its actual location above sea level. The neat and substantial looking case is in black Bakelite. 127mm wide x 132mm high (including chrome feet) x 48mm deep.
I have to say this is one of the nicest Art Deco barometers I have seen.

American Art Deco Stomoguide Barometer

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