Barograph by W F Stanley with 1987 Storm Record

This a lovely period Edwardian barograph by W F Stanley, Railway Approach London Bridge SE, circa 1910.  The hardwood case in polished figured light Oak, has a hinged, 5-glass lid and there is a slim chart drawer to the base. The movement is of the classic French style which has the steel angled bracket protecting the pen arm pivot.

The instrument comes with a most interesting chart record, with remarks, covering the week commencing 11 October 1987 and showing the dramatic plunge in barometric pressure which resulted in the Great Storm later that week over 15/16 October - a memorable piece of nostalgia directly recorded on this instrument.

356mm wide x 205mm high x 214mm deep.

Includes a selection of weekly charts, a fresh bottle of ink and a reproduced pamphlet by Negretti & Zambra describing operating instructions and how to interpret chart records.

Barograph by W F Stanley with 1987 Storm Record