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Beautiful Early Edwardian Barograph

This is a lovely early Edwardian Barograph in excellent working condition. Almost certainly made by Short & Mason of London just prior to WW1, it is engraved on the mechanism with their 1904 patent No. 22556 which descrbes '(The) use of aneroid underneath slab and easier to adjust'. The weekly clock is engraved with the reknowned 1902 patent. These instruments were often supplied to UK retailers, such as opticians and also exported to their sister company, Taylor Instruments of Rochester, New York- see extract from their book 'Weather' 1912. Also shown is an extract from Taylor Instruments trade catalogue from September 1920, describing the barograph as 'the very latest device for automatically registering weather changes and the new style of chart makes it possible to get immediately information on what to expect'.With the polished red mahogany case and lacquered movement, this particular barograph is in exceptional condition and would grace any home or office environment. A quantity of weekly charts supplied together with a fresh bottle of recording ink.

317mm wide x 190mm high x 176mm deep.

Beautiful Early Edwardian Barograph

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