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Magnificent Arts & Craft Barograph

This is a fine and rare polished Mahogany barograph in the Arts & Crafts or Art Nouveau style.  With lovely decorative brass and hardwood inlay in various shades adorning the case it truly represents the late Victorian period.  The instrument is set in a slightly larger than average case, the lift-off lid has deep bevelled glass all round and there is a deep chart drawer to the base with splayed feet below. Circa 1900.

This imposing instrument, although larger than the traditional style barograph is in full working order and accepts standard weekly recording charts. A quantity of these are included, together with a fresh bottle of special ink and a reprinted pamphlet detailing operating instructions and how to interpret chart readings. 

425mm wide x 245mm high x 277mm deep

Magnificent Arts & Craft Barograph

SKU: 432066
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