Mahogany Barograph by Yeates of Dublin

This is an imposing barograph in polished mahogany by makers, Yeates & Son of Dublin, circa 1910. This highly respected company started trading in Grafto Street in 1865 and were credited as instrument makers to the University and and Port and Docks Authority. This barograph is unusual as the aneroid mechanism consists of four large diaphragms as opposed to the standard, smaller size seven or eight stack.

The solidily built case has a hinged lid, with bevelled glass all round and a chart drawer to the base, with some very early period unused charts signed Fred J. Malcolm Ltd., 18 Chichester Street, Belfast.

All in good working condition.

377mm wide x 314mm high x 229mm deep.

A quantity of charts with a fresh bottle of recording ink included together with a pamphlet describing operating instructions and interpreting typical barograph trends.


Mahogany Barograph by Yeates of Dublin