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Negretti & Zambra Regency Barograph

This imposing barograph is Negretti & Zambra's Regency model and described in their 1950 trade catalogue as 'of the highest quality and workmanship and finish. Movement consisting of a specially formed set of diaphragms, fully compensated, operating lever mechanism to the pen-arm spindle. Jewelled pivots are provided to reduce friction to a minimum'.

Slightly larger than the standard barograph, this fully working example has a polished oak case, bevelled glass all round to the lift-off lid, a full width chart drawer to the base and is complete with the original glass ink bottle and brass dipper. The serial number engraved on the brass baseplate is R/12723 and with the logo of the NZ capitals combined would suggest a manufacture date of the early 1950s.

A selection of 6 months' supply of weekly charts included together a fresh bottle of ink and a reprint of Negretti & Zambra's 1950s pamphlet describing operating instructions and how to interpret typical chart recordings.A separate blank brass presentation plaque can be provided if required.

421mm wide x 235mm deep x 203mm high

Negretti & Zambra Regency Barograph

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