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Unique Self Recording Barometer

This is a most unusual recording barometer - a kind of barograph whereby the observer marks on one of the sturdy acrylic charts the actual barometer reading at a regular time. There are three separate laminated acrylic charts which are simply lifted in/out of place as required - weekly, daily and even monthly and they are each large pattern, 415mm wide x 145mm high and 5mm thick for durability and good clarity. The adjacent heavy duty marine barometer has a comprehensive set of forecasting notes. Ideally, the observer would read the barometer and mark the weekly and monthly chart once a day at say, 9.0am and the daily chart every hour. 

The charts are marked with a simple dry-wipe marker pen enabling the reading to be erased after use. The backboard is mahogany coloured timber with two suitable fixing lugs.

The instrument has many potential uses, particulary for mariners where sailing trips, daily, weekly or monthly, could be recorded. Of course, educational use would be of tremedous value as a realistic and practical alternative to a smart phone!

710mm wide x 260mm high x 105mm deep.  

Unique Self Recording Barometer

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