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Unusual Regency Barograph by Negretti & Zambra

This is quite a rare version of Negretti & Zambra's Regency range of barographs. Proudly described in their trade catalogues as '....of the highest quality workmanship and finish. Movement consisting of a specially-formed set of diaphragms, fully compensated, operating lever mechanism to the pen-arm spindle. Jewelled pivots are provided to reduce friction to a minimum. A special form of zero adjustment is fitted, by which the diaphragms are raised or lowered in a truly vertical plane. The pen-arm is hinged in order to ensure an even pressure of the pen on the chart. The whole movement is mounted on a polished brass plate, and all brass parts are highly polished and stove lacquered with the best possible finish.'

This particular example was purportedly supplied to a research laboratory and is unusual as there is no chart drawer to the base and was originally supplied with an electric clock (later converted to a standard weekly mechanical clock).

A selection of charts, a fresh bottle of recording ink together with a reprinted instruction pamphlet illustrating interpretation of barograph record trends will be included.

423mm wide x 250mm deep x 175mm high

Unusual Regency Barograph by Negretti & Zambra

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