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The barograph is a barometer which records a trace on a chart which is fitted to a clockwork drum which, in most types, revolves once every week. This type of instrument became very popular in the mid-Victorian age with little change in style over the last 150 years. The display barograph is the most sought after type, having a bevelled 5-glass hardwood lid & a chart drawer at the base. Particularly collectable models have a barometer dial linked to the mechanism, a fitted thermometer & maybe rounded corners to the hardwood base. Some barographs were produced which combine a recording thermometer on the same chart & even occasionally record humidity as well, with either two or three pens all recording on the same chart. The rarest instruments include a clock, although Victorian & Edwardian makers often made one-off presentation barographs which are also highly collectable.  Larger versions of these instruments could often be found in sports & country clubs, higher education establishments, town halls and hotels.


They also make a perfect gift for the home or office.

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