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As New Norfolk Barograph

This is a fine, highly polished mahogany barograph known as the 'Norfolk' and one of the very last made by Russell Scientific. It is in lovely condition and would easily pass in 'as new' condition. The last Russell trade catalogue describes this as...

'The Norolk display barograph is one of the finest recording barometers, in an elegant mahogany case with bevelled glass. It is fitted with a mechanically-powered eight-day clock and charts can be stored in the drawer underneath'. 

Priced initially at over £1400 this instrument is available at considerably less and would be perfect as a presentation gift. 

Supplied with six months' supply of weekly charts, a fresh bottle of recording ink and a reprinted copy of an instruction pamphlet by Negretti & Zambra which shows how to interpret typical chart recordings.

392mm wide x 235mm deep x 210mm high

As New Norfolk Barograph

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