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Barograph Accessories

Barograph Pen Arms. 

These are original new/old stock Negretti & Zambra pen arms which fit to the gate suspension system allowing gravity to settle the nib on to the recording chart. There are two types; the basic flat type and the later ribbed version, both 165mm long - see pic. £20.00 each + £2.00 p&p.


Recording Ink.

This is the correct type of ink for chart recording instruments. Small dropper bottle - about 3 years' supply, available in red or blue. £10.00 each +£2.00 p&p.


Barometer Predictions for Barographs.

This is a simple card displaying the typical weather predictions commonly used on domestic barometers. A short length of double sided foam tape secures the card to the vertical pen throw-off arm.  Most suited to barograph types which have the arm close to the clock drum.  

£5.00 each + £1.00 p&p. 


Barograph Drawer Pull.

A small drawer pull in cast metal, screw fixed. Ideal to replace those unsightly plastic  knobs which appeared on some modern barographs.£5.00 each + £1.00 p&p


Reprinted Instruction Pamphlet for Barometers & Barographs.

This is a reprint of an important Negretti & Zambra instruction booklet for barometers and barographs.Originally published in the late 1930's this 20 page manual describes the intricate workings of these instruments, how they operate and with methods of adjustment and setting. Of particluar interest are graphics showing how to interpret various movements of barograph chart recordings. 90mm x 160mm.

£10.00  including postage to UK mainland.




Barograph Accessories

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