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Hotel Cecil, London, Recording Barometer and Thermometer Set,

This a unique, large and imposing  pair of a recording barometer and thermometer which were located in the entrance foyer of The Hotel Cecil in The Strand, London.

Standing 750mm high, in polished mahogany, with crisp white porcelain dials, the ornately carved matching pair of instruments each have a hinged window below which displayed the daily readings of the barometer  and temperature on a chart. Made and regulated by nearby retailers, J. H. Steward, at 406, The Strand, a member of their staff would call every morning and note the readings, unlock the glazed window and mark each chart, creating a continuous barograph and thermograph reading. For history buffs, this grand hotel was built between 1890 and 1896, comprised of 800 rooms and was the largest in Europe at the time. It  survived only until 1930 when it was demolished. During that short period it had quite an illustrious history, including the location of establishing the Royal Air Force as well as a recruiting headquarters for the Sportsman's Battalion of the Royal Fusiliers during Ww1.

There is a lot more history of the hotel available on-line.

750mm high x 420mm wide (max) x 150mm deep. 250mm diameter bevelled glass dial.

Hotel Cecil, London, Recording Barometer and Thermometer Set,

SKU: 456941
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