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Classic Barograph with Historic Storm Record

This is a lovely 1920s barograph in good working condition likely to have been manufactured by Short & Mason for sale by a retailer. The polished mahogany case has a lift-off lid with bevelled glass. There is a chart drawer to the base which contains the historic weekly chart depicting the great storm of October 1987. The movement has a stack of  eight bellows and the brass movement is lacquered, the pen arm is of the pressure adjustment type - all typical of barographs from the late Edwardian era. There is an original ink bottle and holder.

375mm wide x 221mm deep x 220mm high.

A quantity of weekly charts included in various styles, inches/millibars & Sunday/Monday start together with a fresh bottle of recording ink. Also provided, a reprinted copy of Negretti & Zambra's pamphlet describing operating instructions and showing interpretations of chart readings.

Classic Barograph with Historic Storm Record

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