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Contemporary Barograph by Rototherm

This is a very stylish barograph by Rototherm circa 1985. This company took over the manufacturing rights of Negretti & Zambra in the early 1980s and with them came a large amount of stock and this example shows all the features of Negretti. The case is finished in ebonized hardwood and in excellent condition and has bevelled glass all round to the lift off lid snd there is a chart drawer to the base. The movement is nicely lacquered and with the seven day clock is fully working. Note! the brass Rototherm label could be reversed and engraved for a presentation plaque.

A quantity of weekly charts are included along with a fresh bottle of recording ink and a reprinted pamphlet of operating instructions and guidance on interpreting barograph chart recordings.

375mm wide x 228mm deep x 200mm high.    

Contemporary Barograph by Rototherm

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