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Early Oak Barograph by ANCS, Westminster

This is an early Oak barograph retailed by the Army & Navy Co-operative Stores in Westminster. Set into an Oak case with lift-off all-glass lid the movement has an interesting variation on the standard design. The linkage from the four central diaphragms would seem to be more direct and in line than common mechanisms of the period, possibly a novel innovation in an effort to reduce hysteresis or lag to a minimum. Collins' book on Barographs features an identical instrument, (apart from the small knob on the pen arm lever which is slightly different), also by A&NCS. This is quoted as being circa 1890 although my impression is that it's post WW1, not least because the company plaque shows it has Limited Liability, a later business format.  

352mm wide x 225mm deep x 187mm high.

Early Oak Barograph by ANCS, Westminster

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