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Negretti and Zambra Regency Barograph

This is an imposing barograph by Negretti & Zambra of London and known as the Regency model, circa 1955. At 420mm it is wider than the standard format barograph. Described in their 1950 trade catalogue as ' instrument of the very high quality and finish, suitable for presentation, public display etc., Nine capsule tempered steel aneroid movement, temperature compensated.' The lacquered brass base and movement is virtually unblemished and has been clearly well maintained (even before me!). The barograph case is finished in a light golden polished oak and has a lift-off lid and must be considered quite rare as it is without a chart drawer to the base, likely for display in a public locaton. Six months supply of charts supplied together with a fresh bottle of recording ink and a reprinted pamphlet describing operating instructions as well as interpreting various chart recordings.

420mm wide x 233mm deep x 175mm high

Negretti and Zambra Regency Barograph

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