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Observers German Barograph by Fischer.

This barograph was designed and manufactured in the German Democratic Republic, circa 1980 by Fischer. A metal plate fitted to black crackle finish base indicates Type 205M 94322418 W serial number 2616. This instrument was made for professional/offical use and is typical of that era where form, function and accuracy were more important than aesthic design. The interesting movement arrangemet is extremely accurate, easy to calibrate and responsive to even minor pressure movements and would be an ideal and economical barograph for a serious weather observer. Set in a two glass hardwood case with a hinged lid there is a neat slide-out drawer to left side of the base and the original key is held in a neat clip.

Six months supply of weeky charts supplied together with a reprinted copy of a pamphlet by Negretti & Zambra showing interpretation of various chart recordings.

346mm wide x 175mm deep x 175mm high.


Observers German Barograph by Fischer.

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