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Unusual Barograph with Dial.

This is a rare and highly collectable barograph with a subsidiary barometer dial working in sequence with recording element. What makes this instrument unusual is that the dial is enclosed allowing all the weather indications to be seen. The dial device was originally patented by Short & Mason in 1904 although this version with the closed dial is marked with the copyright date 1932. This instrument was engraved and supplied to the retailers, Philip Harris Ltd in the 1960s. Philip Harris were specialist suppliers of scientific equipment to  universities, research laboratories, schools etc, where it is likely this instrument was originally sent.

The barograph is in a polished mahogany case, with numerous small scatches & minor dents associted with general use. There is a five-glass lift-off lid and  a chart drawer to the base. The lacquered brass movement and dial are in excellent condition. A selection of charts are included as well as a fresh bottle of recording ink and a reprinted pamphlet with operating instructions.

A very nice working example of ingenious late Victorian design and would grace any home or office.

364mm wide x 227mm high x227mm deep.

Unusual Barograph with Dial.

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