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Early Negretti and Zambra Station Barograph

This is an early 20th century Barograph by famous makers Negretti and Zambra of London. The movement, in excellent working condition, retaining its rich lacquered finish would have been supplied by the French makers, Richard Freres of Paris. This company developed the movement in the last quarter of the 19th century and due to its reliable mechanism supplied other UK manufacturers as well, including Louis Casella and J. Hicks. The familiar 'finger guard' protecting the pen arm is typical of Richard Freres and this example has a nice original mercury thermometer fitted to the base. The ink bottle holder is a later addition.

The three glass hinged case is in polished Mahogany would have been made in the UK and Negretti have added their standard decorative carry handle and their ivorine label to the base. The instrument would have been originally supplied to a UK weather observation station.

320mm wide x 180mm high x 150mm deep

Early Negretti and Zambra Station Barograph

SKU: 457084
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