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Edwardian Barograph in Walnut Case, Bryson.

This is an early 20th Century barograph with a polished walnut hardwood case, bevelled glass all round and a chart drawer to the base. A fixed panel below the drawer indicates the instrument was probably made prior to WW1. A small mercury thermometer with the supplier's name, J. M. Bryson, Edinburgh, is attached to the brass baseplate along with a large ink botle. The instrument sits on splayed feet creating a nice balanced appearance.

A quantity of weekly charts is included together with

a fresh bottle of special blue recording ink and a reprinted

1930s pamphlet by Negretti & Zambra describing operating

instructions and how to interpret typical chart recordings.


375mm wide  220mm high x 232mm deep

Edwardian Barograph in Walnut Case, Bryson.

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