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Edwardian Barograph with Mirror Back

This is an Edwardian barograph set in a polished mid-Oak hardwood case with a bevelled glass lift-off lid incorporating a mirror back panel creating a fascinating reflection of the working mechanism as well as allowing a view to the rear of the clock drum. There is also, what appears to be, the original glass ink bottle and brass stopper. At the base is a two-part compartment drawer for new and used weekly charts. All in good working condition, including the weekly clock which carries the well known 1902 patent with the visible escapement. A quantity of recording charts are included together with a fresh bottle of ink and a reprinted 1930s Negretti & Zambra pamphlet describing operating instructions and how to interpret chart recordings.

370mm wide x 226mm deep x 210mm high

Edwardian Barograph with Mirror Back

SKU: 452528
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