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Extremely Rare German Forecasting Barometer

A most unusual barometer and the only one I've ever seen in over 60 years of collecting. Of German origin with references to Reichenberg and Zittau around the lower half of the dial. The wording suggests it is a new generation barometer. Difficult to date precisely but would guess around mid 20th century. There is a forecasting window 'Das Wetter Wird' (The Weather Remark), with fingers pointing to Besser (Better) or Schlect (Bad). There is a knob at the top which can slide the pointer in the small window, Auf (Set) or Zu (To). The traditional working aneroid movement is linked to the forecasting mechanism described above. A quite complicted but fascinating arrangement - the instrument has undergone and extensive and painstakingly faithful restoration. 

187mm overall diameter x 65mm deep.

Extremely Rare German Forecasting Barometer

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