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Fisherman's Barometer, USA

This is a lovely 1940s American fisherman's barometer made by Taylor Instruments of Rochester, New York. The instrument is complete with its original box with magnetic clasp and two instruction leaflets - '80 Days Barometer Fishing' dated February 1941 and Instructions dated August 1938. Inside the cardboard box it proudly states 'Skilled American Workers, paid in accordance with American Standards of Living, produced this entire instrument in the United States of America'. The barometer, in the form of a pocket watch has plenty of fishing information and predictions. There is a minor repair (see pic) in the green plastic (or Bakelite?) case at approx 10 o'clock which is hardly noticeable and does not detract from the overall appearance of the barometer. 

A nice complete instrument which would make a great gift.

Sizes - Box 37mm H x 90mm W x 90mm D. Barometer 83mm Diameter (excluding hanging ring).

Fisherman's Barometer, USA

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