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French Desktop Barograph

This is quite an unusual barograph as it comes without any kind of cover. There are no obvious fixing points and the clock key is fixed suggesting it was never intended to have a removeable or even hinged top. I have seen a later model with a rather awkward looking acrylic cover with some locating pins in the wooden backboard but that one had been fitted with a quartz movement. I have to say the one illustrated here is much more interesting and would be perfect as a desktop feature. The pressure adjustment is made by gently rotating the knurled ring one way or another at the base of the front aneroid support pillar (that's another first for me in 63 years!).  Made by the well established French manufacturers, Naudet, circa 1970 and the compact movement traces a lovely sensitive record. Comes with 6 months' supply of weekly charts (plenty of further copies available), and a fresh bottle of recording ink (ideal for charging the felt nib). Also included is a reprinted pamphlet by Negretti & Zambra, showing how to interpret typical chart readings.

170mm wide x 110mm deep x 130mm high (including key).

French Desktop Barograph

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