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Imposing Barograph with Storm Connection.

This is an impressive barograph in rich Oak, signed by P. Harris & Co. Birmingham. This was a top of the range barograph, having a more substantial and ornate case, manufactured by Short & Mason, circa 1930 and distributed by selected retailers in the UK and North America.There is a neat two compartment chart drawer to the base; the lacquered brass movement and weekly clock are in good condition.

Included is a fascinating newspaper cutting from 9th December 1954

headed '100 M.P.H., the last paragraph being the most intriguing.....

'At Penzance yesterday morning the barograph outside the Public Library showed a vertical descent to 28.4in and then the needle was then almost at the bottom of the paper sheet. At 6 p.m. the reading was even lower being 28.07 and the coastguard in charge said he had never known it to be so low. Later it fell still further to 28.06'.

The chart readings from the barograph which accompanies this article are precisely the same as described, leading me to conclude that this instrument is very likely to be the actual one referred to at Penzance Library. Furthermore, this barograph was acquired through an estate sale near to Penzance.

With so much information available on the internet now, I am confident the new owner could now unearth even more positive confirmation! 

The barograph comes with a fresh bottle of recording ink, a reprinted 1930s instruction pamphlet by Negretti & Zambra and six months' supply of weekly charts.

384mm wide x 233mm deep x 232mm high.

Imposing Barograph with Storm Connection.

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