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Mahogany Barograph by Meyrowitz London, New York, Paris

This is a very well presented display barograph in a polished mahogany case. This instrument would have been made by Short & Mason in the late 1930s although there is a tiny hand engraved date of 30-11-46 (for cricket buffs, the day that Don Bradman scored 187 against England) in one corner of the baseplate. The barograph was distributed through Taylor Instruments of Rochester, New York, with their trademark 'Tycos' (which is engraved on the movement) and sold through exclusive jewellers, Meyrowitz of London, New York & Paris. The movement has a beautifully preserved golden lacquer finish, the lift-off lid has deep bevelled glass on all sides and the top, there is an enclosed chart drawer to the base and what appears to be the original ink bottle with brass topped dipper. This instrument has an original metal plaque on the right hand side displaying expected weather conditions based on interpreting the actual readings as they are recorded on the barograph chart . The forecast offers local weather forecasts on a simple A to B etc, rising or falling and I am able to include a few months supply of these weekly charts, now rare, as well more conventional ones to make a total to cover a six month period. Also included are a fresh bottle of recording ink and a reprinted pamphlet by Negretti & Zambra detailing operating instructions and interpretation of conventional chart records.

360mm wide x 215mm deep x 222mm high.

Mahogany Barograph by Meyrowitz London, New York, Paris

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