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Mahogany Barograph with Interesting Record

This is a mid- 20th century English Barograph set in a polished mahogany case with a bevelled glazed lift-off lid and a chart drawer to the base. Likely made by Short & Mason of London for the retail market. The instrument originally came from the estate of a titled owner in the Cotswolds and contains some intriguing weekly chart records, including  26th December 1948 to 2nd January 1949, (with a press cutting discussing extremely low pressure at the time), a drought in March 1953 and the devastating storm in October 1987 with a typed note explaining '...enormous storm damage in South West England - but not much in Gloucestershire'! The barograph is in excellent working condition and would make a lovely presentation gift. 

A quantity of new recording charts are included together with a fresh bottle of ink and a reprinted 1930s pamphlet by Negretti & Zambra Ltd describing operating instructions and how to interpret chart recordings.

361mm wide x 222mm high x 222mm deep.

Mahogany Barograph with Interesting Record

SKU: 452507
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