A unique barograph with extraordinary provenance. With a mahogany case and chart drawer and fitted bevelled glass it was retailed by A N C S Ltd Westminster and presented to the officers 2nd Bn The Loyal Regt by Lieut. Colonel T M Bridges in July 1924. It was later shipped to Singapore where the Battalion was involved in its defence in 1942. Once it was accepted that the situation was lost, this barograph, along with the regimental silver was securely packed & secretly buried in the grounds of Gillman Barracks. There it remained until after the war. No precise records were kept of its exact location but was finally exhumed & was later returned to Garrards in London for cleaning. There is an accompanying letter from Regimental Headquarters in Preston, Lancashire confirming this fascinating and unique provenance. 

Mahogany Cased Barograph with Extraordinary Provenance


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