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Monthly Barograph - Almost Unused

This is a very little used Mahogany cased barograph which has been fitted with a monthly clock. This is a great advantage over weekly clock drums as it condenses the readings of four weekly charts into one chart. Apart from only requiring to change the chart 13 times a year as opposed to 52 with a regular weekly record) the pressure readings display a more pronounced movement, particularly low pressure systems. I believe this particular instrument was bought as a gift in the early 90s but rarely used. The barograph is of traditional design with a chart drawer to the base and bevelled glass to the lift-off lid. Ideal as a presentation gift- there is a blank polished brass plaque ready for inscription.

2 years supply of charts and a bottle of recording ink included together with a reprinted pamphlet by Negretti & Zambra describing operating instructions and how to interpret chart records.

368mm wide x 220mm high x 232mm deep

Monthly Barograph - Almost Unused

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