Negretti and Zambra Namplate
Here’s a novel idea! 
These beautifully crafted original Negretti and Zambra nameplates, finished in chrome and deep blue enamel were produced just after the Second World War. A similar font style and logo appears in Negretti’s M3 trade catalogue from October 1945 (see extract) an the format used until they issued the M4 catalogue in 1950. I can therefore assume these plates date from the late 1940’s and would have been produced for one of their instruments at the time - although I have to say I’ve never seen one on an actual product. About 50 of these plates, all wrapped in unused condition, turned up in a job lot of bits and pieces I bought some 25 years ago and have been in storage ever since. I’ve slightly enlarged one of the original fixing holes to accommodate a new keying. Plate size - 62mm x 25mm
Please add £1 for postage to UK or £2 overseas.

Negretti and Zambra Namplate


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