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Rare Dome Barograph

This is a particulary unusual and collectable barograph it has a lift-off glass dome and an ebonized base. These instruments were originally retailed in the early 1900s and produced by specialist manufacturers such as J. Hicks, but rarely survived.  See attached extract from their c1913 trade catalogue describing the barograph as '....under glass shade, very handsome....'! This particular base and glass dome was supplied by A. Ritch & Co. New Church Street, Lisson Grove, London and fitted with the correct movement which has been fully restored and re-calibrated. The clockwork movement takes standard weekly barograph charts and 6 months supply will be included. There is a mercury thermometer with a Fahenheit scale fitted to the brass base and an ornate cut glass ink bottle and stopper set within a brass holder. 

The instrument would make a lovely working display piece in any location at home or office. 

A reprinted pamphlet by Negretti & Zambra will be supplied describing operating instructions and interpreting typical chart records.

Note! Collect only - too delicate to ship safely!


Rare Dome Barograph

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