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Rare Meteorological Instruments, Negretti & Zambra, Casella

Although these are trade catalogue pictures I have all these actual meteorological instruments held in my store - part of a collection of over 60 years. All the instruments could be relatively easily reassembled and or restored to a working condition by a competant enthusiast. I can send detailed pictures of any of these and a visit in person would be welcome.


Several Dines Pressure Tube Anemographs - one is ex- Port of Bristol Authority, Avonmouth.

Two Hyetographs - one is ex-Weston-super-Mare Town Council.

Natural Syphon Recorder.

Wind Direction Recorder.

Control Tower Anemometer Mast (In sections). Purportedly ex- London Airport (now Heathrow).

Rain Recorder - Little used, recovered from California.

Prices on application.

Rare Meteorological Instruments, Negretti & Zambra, Casella

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