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Retro 1950s Style Barograph by Short & Mason

This is a very stylish barograph developed in the mid-1950s. Designed to create a modern version of the traditional image of the standard barograph and incorporating the 'concealed movement' design patented by Short & Mason in 1904. This retro barograph was also supplied to other well known instrument makers, such as Negretti & Zambra and Casella as well as Taylor Instruments of New York who were Short & Mason's American distributers. See extracts from Negretti's 1960s trade catalogue. It has a nickel plated movement, clock and fittings, with a black crackle effect base and all in excellent working condition. The original acrylic lift-off  lid is also in very good condition. This particular example is fitted with a silvered metal weather forecast plate with corresponding lettering so that using the correct weekly recording charts as shown, (which will be supplied) the local weather can be predicted .

364mm wide x 227mm high x 227mm deep.

Retro 1950s Style Barograph by Short & Mason

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