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Snazzy Monthly Barograph by Pastorelli Rapkin

This is a very stylish barograph supplied by old established instrument makers, Pastorelli & Rapkin, London, circa 1975. Weighing in at a surprisingly hefty 3.8kg the barograph is a compact 275mm wide x 140mm deep x 166mm high. It was likely manufactured by Casella specifically as an exclusive instrument for Pastorelli as this example has a substational anodised aluminium case as opposed to Casella's commercial (and much lighter) version with a painted metal case and carry handle. This barograph also benefits from being fitted with a monthly clock rotation. This would be ideal in a modern environment, office or domestic for a keen enthusiastic but with little time to spend  changing the chart once a week! The monthly readings are quite dramatic, even during periods of average weather conditions. You can view some examples on one of my ealier blogs.

Two years' supply of monthly charts is included together with

a fresh bottle of special blue recording ink and a reprinted

1930s pamphlet by Negretti & Zambra describing operating

instructions and how to interpret typical chart recordings.

Snazzy Monthly Barograph by Pastorelli Rapkin

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