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Exquisite Barograph by Lennie of Edinburgh

This is a classic 1920s barograph in the most beautiful condition considering its great age. Signed by Lennie, Edinburgh on the gilded brass baseplate. Founded in 1835 and established originally as specialists in optical apparatus and later as renowned scientific instrument retailers. This instrument has been thoroughly well maintained with evidence of little actual use - lack of ink spillage and seemingly original boat type pen nib, ink bottle etc. The highly polished mahogany case with a chart drawer, bevelled glass and gold lacquered brass finish to the movement are virtually unmarked. The unusual hinged lid has a convenient stay hinge to ensure safe opening for access to the clock (which has the reliable1902 patented movement). A really lovely instrument that would make a presentation gift to be trasured and will grace any location.

Six months supply of weekly charts included together with a fresh bottle of recording ink and a reprinted copy of a pamphlet by Negretti & Zambra detailing operating instructions and how to interpret typical chart recordings.

375mm wide x 225mm deep x 210mm high.

Exquisite Barograph by Lennie of Edinburgh

SKU: 448912
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