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Contemporary Barographs by Russell, Norwich

This is quite a departure from the typical barograph format and arguably an improvement on the similar version made by Barigo, as these examples have a sturdy glass dome. Made in the early 1990s by Russell of Norwich and with only a limited production run, these instruments have become quite a collector's item. One of these has a mid colour mahogany base with a traditional clockwork movement by Gluck and the other is a little darker hardwood with a German quartz movement. Easy to operate, the barograph uses smaller type recording weekly charts (with traditional ink nib or modern fibre type) and are still available to buy on-line. Interestingly, these charts are printed with a Sunday start at the top and Monday start at the bottom - a useful innovation! Also included is a re-printed pamphlet by Negretti & Zambra with an interpretation of various chart readings. These barographs are lovely instruments and would sit very comfortably displayed on a desk or shelf. £385.00 each.

175mm high x 136mm diameter. 

Contemporary Barographs by Russell, Norwich

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