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Very Large Commercial Barometer by C.C. Webb, London

Note! My poor photography shows reflections on the glass - they are not marks on the  dial!

An imposing and substantial barometer signed by C.C. Webb, Royal Exchange, London, circa 1900. Considering its 375mm overall diameter it was clearly made for a highly visibile location in a public place such as a Library or Town Hall etc, and without easy (or unauthorised) access as the glass has no subsidiary setting hand. The barometer has undergone some important refurbishment including a re-silvered and replaced dial together with some minor repairs to the lower part of the brass bezel which does not detract from the overall stunning appearance.

The 93mm deep polished mahogany outer case, thick brass outer bezel and bevelled glass create a hefty 2.4kg commanding instrument.

Very Large Commercial Barometer by C.C. Webb, London

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