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WW2 Era British Met Office Barograph

This is a sturdy barograph in an enclosed polished oak case and standard issue by the British Met Office for the Air Ministry. These were typically issued to RAF airfields and regional weather stations during the Second World War and follows a design stndardised in the late 1930s - this example is engraved with the reference No 4459/45/55 (ie, first issued in 1945 with a recalibration date 1955) . The case re-polished at some time and is in good condition apart from a few scratches which don't detract from overall appearance. There is a narrow pull out drawer to the side to store spare pen arms. The lacquered brass movement is in excellent working condition.

A selection of weekly charts and a fresh bottle of recording ink included and a reprinted copy of a 1930s pamphlet by Negretti & Zambra detailing operating instructions and interpreting various chart recordings.

312mm wide x 165mm deep x 210mm high.

WW2 Era British Met Office Barograph

SKU: 451280
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