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'Dream Street'


I acquired this oil painting from an eccentric instrument collector over 30 years ago. His favourite manufacturers were obviously Casella and Negretti & Zambra with retail outlets next to each other in what he called his ‘Dream Street', (in Weatherby naturally!).

Not sure of the origins or how or when the painting was commissioned but surely this is very much a ‘one-off’! Nice overall proportions - 410mm wide x 510mm and I guess it would benefit from an ornate gilt frame.

I’ve not placed it on my website as it’s currently lurking on the top of a cupboard but would be interested to know if anyone would care to make a reasonable offer (and of course, nice to know it was going to a good home).....

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1 comentario

Eifion Breeze
Eifion Breeze
18 jun

Interesting painting, Richard. It could be quite old, perhaps? When did "L Casella" change its name, I wonder?

Me gusta
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