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June and July Temperature Readings

If proof were needed about our pleasant early summer in June followed by the gloomy July this year just look at the temperature readings from here in Weston-super-Mare.

Nice sunny days with little cloud cover will show an even and steep rise in temperature from around 6.0am until late afternoon when it will fall at about the same rate. Typically, a summer temperature during calm, anti-cyclonic weather will rise from, say, the late 50s’F to early/mid-70s’F (ie, 17’C to 22/25’C). This can be seen quite extensively in the June record.

However, the July temperature is quite different with most days showing only a small temperature range with a much less defined and uneven daily rise indicating extensive cloud cover and plenty of rainfall. In fact 30th July showed hardly any variation at all!

Brace yourselves for the August record!

For the technically minded, the monthly readings are recorded by a large pattern Negretti & Zambra thermograph with a traditional bi-metallic coil sensor and the instrument sits in a standard ex-UK Met Office Stevenson screen at regulation height above ground.

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